VINYETTE hails from the gritty, artistically ripe confines of Brooklyn, NY. Their forthcoming debut album, “Every Little Mouse Run,” unfolds literally and figuratively like a series of “vignettes.” Playing with metaphors and teetering between emotional darkness and light, the lyricism is at times quirky and cutting. Nathan Frye’s dynamic vocals vacillate between a swampy swagger akin to Jim Morrison, as evidenced on “Vitamins,” and a sultry, heartfelt crooner in “Tattoo Crazy.” Danny Monico defies gravity with his turbulent guitar riffs that bend and break, push and pull, with wreckless abandon. Jay Ambrose slinks in deep, melodious bass grooves that lure one in like a cobweb, baiting with his shimmering trumpet lines. Jonathan Crowley commands and ignites a tenacious current on drums, diving deep within the primal warblings of one’s soul. His lusty beats yield raw, tribal-like rhythms.

Integrating schematic back-projection visuals that feed off of each song, they create a multi-sensory and visceral experience that is illuminated in their high- energy performances. Nathan Frye’s fervor oozes out of him as he rollicks about the stage, buoyant, audience dancing. Dueling trumpets, crafty rhythmic changes, Vinyette creates an orchestrated maelstrom, a pandemonium that is both daring and infectious.

“Every Little Mouse Run” was recorded at One East Recording in New York City and overseen by a sound engineer whose credits include Keith Richards, David Lee Roth, The Beastie Boys, and Steve Jordan. The album, set to be released in September 2012, was recorded in the classic analog format and includes a guest appearance on organ and keys from the legendary Jimi Zhivago.


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