Social Hero (est. 1902), a five-piece rock act from New York City, heralds a Renaissance of Rock and Roll.

The story of Social Hero begins with their catalogue of tightly crafted original music, which showcases "a taste for power-pop hooks, crunchy guitars and arty embellishments" (Time Out New York). The band draws influences from a wide range of styles, but the sound of Social Hero is sown mainly from the seeds of classic and modern rock. Fact: Cream and Led Zeppelin had a bastard child of rock that grew up on the early ‘90s alternative explosion - they named it Social Hero.

Together, the gang of five treats every audience to a highly polished, raucously explosive performance. With a fist full of new recordings about to burst out of their pockets, the boys are ready give rock'n'roll a firm kick in the ass.

New recordings to be released summer 2012 on Machine Dream Records!!!


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Machine Dream Records is VERY Proud to announce our 2nd release of 2012!

Social Hero Singles Release of “Don’t Call me on Saturday” & “Bear Skin Rug”:
SEPTEMBER 22nd 2012!!! Click Here for Rock Click Here for Rock Click Here for Rock

The Party @ Pianos on Sat 9/22 (featuring SH & Ian Lloyd’s Stories!) was Heavy.


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  2. The Famous
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  4. Release Date: May 15, 2009
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New York rockers present “The Famous” – an explosive collision of high-caliber songwriting, incendiary guitar lines and vocal heroics – guaranteed more powerful than a sledgehammer [or your money back.].