Freaky Halloween time’s here AGAIN.

Halloween isn’t scarey until FORD/LLOYD shows up at your door:

Get the original

FORD/LLOYD “Halloween – There’s a Party Going On”



If you’re a ghoul who wants to dance the night away, check out the SpaceDrama Club mix:

FORD/LLOYD “Halloween I’m The Nightmare of Your Dreams”


And see the video here:

Next up:
Ian will be making a “Brother Louie” appearance at this year’s CHILLER THEATER EXPO and you’ll have another chance to see “IT” perform “IT’s” MONSTER HIT, and please stop by Ian’s celebrity booth for a chat!
 CHILLERCON is one of the scariest Halloween events of the year….
Oh yeah, Hulk Hogan will be there too (one of Ian’s favorite superstars of all time!)
Don’t miss out.
Get all the info HERE: