The Artists of Machine Dream Records

Ian Lloyd

Ian Lloyd, lead vocalist for Classic Rock Legends Stories (co-founded with Left Bank mastermind Michael Brown – “Walk Away Rene”) had the 1973 Global #1 Hit “Brother Louie”. Stories also performed on all the top TV shows including “American Bandstand” and the “Midnight Special.” With a litany of credits to his name, Ian’s career and his indomitable vocal style have firmly established his place in rock history. His distinctive voice has won him international acclaim and fans that continue to adore him. His High Energy live performance is something NOT TO BE MISSED!

Social Hero

Social Hero (est. 1902), a five-piece rock act from New York City, heralds a Renaissance of Rock and Roll. The story of Social Hero begins with their catalogue of tightly crafted original music, which showcases "a taste for power-pop hooks, crunchy guitars and arty embellishments" (Time Out New York). The band draws influences from a wide range of styles, but the sound of Social Hero is sown mainly from the seeds of classic and modern rock. Fact: Cream and Led Zeppelin had a bastard child of rock that grew up on the early ‘90s alternative explosion - they named it Social Hero.

Isle of Rhodes

Isle of Rhodes was founded in the spring of 2011 by front man and keyboardist Rob Farren. Farren, who had previously played keys with Aphonic (of Detroit), and synth bass with Kiss or Kill decided that he would like to strip his rig down to one keyboard: a Rhodes. An eclectic choice for an instrument, the Rhodes is a vintage keyboard with similar circuitry to an electric guitar. Using all analog gear, including tape delay, distortion, wah, and phaser pedals, Farren has sculpted a sound evocative of a three-piece guitar band. Featuring Alexander Markowitz on drums, this two-piece band, has garnered attention for its flowing melodies and huge sound.


VINYETTE hails from the gritty, artistically ripe confines of Brooklyn, NY. Their forthcoming debut album, “Every Little Mouse Run,” unfolds literally and figuratively like a series of “vignettes.” Playing with metaphors and teetering between emotional darkness and light, the lyricism is at times quirky and cutting. Nathan Frye’s dynamic vocals vacillate between a swampy swagger akin to Jim Morrison, as evidenced on “Vitamins,” and a sultry, heartfelt crooner in “Tattoo Crazy.” Danny Monico defies gravity with his turbulent guitar riffs that bend and break, push and pull, with wreckless abandon. Jay Ambrose slinks in deep, melodious bass grooves that lure one in like a cobweb, baiting with his shimmering trumpet lines. Jonathan Crowley commands and ignites a tenacious current on drums, diving deep within the primal warblings of one’s soul. His lusty beats yield raw, tribal-like rhythms.


The Chicago based alternative rock band Polarizer formed in late 2011. This prolific group quickly amassed a catalog of songs to be considered for the first album, while planning their first tour to debut the band outside of Chicago in Austin, TX during SXSW 2012. After the tour and a few select local shows, Polarizer entered the studio, working with producer Noam Wallenberg at Rax Trax in Chicago. Taylor Brennan (vocals), Ian Palmer (guitar), and Ben Ludwig (drums) began writing together as their former bands took a final bow (ARMA and Echo Son). The band recruited keyboardist and synth player Stan Tencza who has relocated to Chicago from his home in Providence, RI. A new and vicious force of powerful hard Rock, Polarizer combines precise musicianship and dramatic sonic vision to achieve their unique sound.